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SmartLife™ Back Brace

SmartLift™ System (patent pending)

By Innovative Products Solutions

The SmartLift™ is designed to address your most common patient transfer needs. The patented design allows the caregiver to safety transfer patients by using a linear pulling motion rather than vertical lifting motion. The linear pull allows the caregiver to maintain good ergonomic posture and use much less force to move the patient. The patient is safe, comfortable and secure due to the unique design of the SmartLift™. The SmartLift™ is:

  • Fast – Quicker set-up time. Easy to remove from patient improves productivity.
  • Safe – Secure and comfortable – no slipping. Adequately supports pt’s extremities. Encourages lifting with legs, not backs.
  • Easy – Minimal education required. Drastically reduced lifting load. Provides a mechanical advantage.

The SmartLift™ Advantages:

  • Frontal straps and robust handles provide maximum control during transfers
  • Solid canvas back provides comfort by increasing surface area for lifting. Posterior straps added for multi-person lifts.
  • Forearm supports improve leverage and prevents vest from slipping. Also keeps patient’s arms from injury during lift.
  • Optional knee belt to keep patient’s legs together and provides a comfortable leverage point for lifting.

Full one year warranty against manufacturer defects.



I’m a petite person. Are you saying that the Smart Lift™ will work for me too?
Sure it will! Because of the mechanical advantage it gives the lifter, you can safely mobilize larger patients with far less effort. If a patient is much larger than you, you might want a second lifter that can use the back straps for a two-person lift. -Make sure you watch the tutorial videos and see for yourself!


Do you guarantee that I won’t hurt my back if I use the Smart Lift™?
No, we do not claim that. What we do say is it drastically reduces your chances of back injury because it virtually eliminates stooped posture when lifting. Instead of activating your back muscles they stabilize your spine while you hips and legs do the lifting. Everyone is at some risk of injury regardless of the equipment they use.


I’m a Paramedic and often have to get patients off the floor in their own home. It is difficult to get them up from confined spaces. Is the Smart Lift™ a good tool to have on our trucks?
Definitely! May times Paramedics have to use any method possible to get patients off the floor by hooking arms or sheets to lift patients and this puts your back in a compromised position and increases the risk of back injury. The Smart Lift™ was designed to for caregivers (including Paramedics) to transfer patients up from the floor using a mechanical advantage while drastically reducing risk of back injury. It also better supports the patient and minimizes additional injury.


I manage a small nursing home. How many Smart Lifts™ does our facility need?
It depends on your company. We have facilities that have ordered for a specific patient, while some have bought a few to share, others have purchased one per CNA / Nurse staff member on the floor. We highly recommend that you have more available for staff use because many will need a Smart Lift™ at the same time and that increases compliance and safety.


My grandmother broke her hip and is restricted from bearing weight on one leg. Is she a good candidate for the Smart Lift™?
You bet! Just as some transfer non-weight bearing patients with a gait belt so can you with the Smart Lift™ which gives you more control of the patient’s balance. We do not recommend using the knee belt with this transfer. (See Tutorial for example.)


Will the Smart Lift™ really increase my lifting power?
Absolutely! You might say it can double your lifting abilities. When using a typical transfer belt your force is applied vertically, parallel to gravity. With the Smart Lift™ that changes the force load from vertically to more horizontally (perpendicular to gravity) allowing you to use your hips and legs instead of using your back which gives you more power. Be careful - many don’t realize their strength when they first use the Smart Lift™.

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