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Vantage Mobility International

Vantage Northstar

honda-odyssey.gifThe Northstar, introduced in 1993 as the first to offer an in-floor ramp system, is the flagship of the VMI lineup. This premium van conversion offers a 10" lowered floor with 58" of headroom, providing a comfortable ride. The Northstar also features standard amenities such as easy remote One-Touch operation of the ramp and door. The ramp system is completely encased in the floor of the van, protecting it from outside elements and making the Northstar the most reliable van conversion on the market.

Vantage Summit

Vantage SummitVMI’s Summit conversion combines Northstar technology with an innovative fold out ramp system. This unique design makes operation so effortless it can be opened or closed with one hand. All of the mechanical components are hidden from your view providing you with maximum maneuverability. The Summit's user-friendly One-Touch remote control operation gives you the freedom you need to live an active lifestyle.

Vantage Kia Sedona

VMI KiaVMI's Kia Sedona is perhaps the most affordable conversion option available on the market, yet comes with more standard features than any other minivan. It includes integrated manual wheelchair tie downs, is EZ-lock ready, and features a rear bumper design that provides exceptional visibility. Ample headroom and flexible seating configurations ensure comfort for every passenger.

  • Responsive and powerful 3.5 DOHC V-6
  • Smooth ride and excellent handling Middle or rear wheelchair positions
  • Meets all applicable safety
  • Rear bumper design features superior seal for a quiet ride

Full Size Vans

Vantage Mobility International

Liberty Vans

Liberty VanBuilt upon the best selling full-size van in America, the Ford Econoline, the Liberty is clearly the best value around. The Liberty conversion is heralded as the industry leader in full-size van quality, safety, and style. Liberty is one of the only full-size van conversions to have passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards crash tests. For those in need of extra headroom, VMI offers the option to install a raised roof on most full-size van conversions.

Liberty RV Conversion Van

Liberty VanFor those interested in experiencing the ultimate in luxury automobile travel, VMI offers the Liberty RV conversion. Our luxuriously engineered design is both functional and beautiful. The interiors are designed to accommodate long journeys and feature wall-to-wall carpet, custom aircraft style overhead lighting, and a host of options, including an electric sofa bed and a reclining captain's chair. Exterior features such as distinctive striping and optional fiberglass running boards complete the design. For more information about our RV conversions, contact a VMI dealer today.

Liberty Raised Roof Conversion Van

Liberty Raised-Roof ConversionFor those who want more room while they roam, VMI offers its line of Liberty raised-roof van conversions. Based on the popular and reliable Ford Econoline full-size vans, the Liberty raised roof conversions offer the ultimate in spaciousness and passenger flexibility. An expansive door opening of up to 42" x 60" reveals a roomy cabin designed to accommodate up to four wheelchairs in comfort. Interior center height of 66" is impressive given the stylish and aerodynamic exterior profile. VMI's Liberty conversions raise the bar in quality accessible transportation.

Club Wagon Conversion Van

Club Wagon ConversionThe Club Wagon Conversion is designed with all the quality you would expect from a Ford Econoline van. Inside you will find a functional and spacious interior that can fit up to four wheelchairs comfortably. Seats can be moved, or removed, in any combination to suit your needs. For more information about our full-size van conversions, contact a VMI dealer today.